The Doctor of Law Program at Diponegoro University received a delegation from Tarumanagara University regarding a comparative study in order to improve academic quality as well as preparation for the re-accreditation of the Doctor of Law Program and the Tarumanagara University Notary Masters Program. During this visit, the Tarumanagara University delegation consisted of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Sudiro, S.H., M.H., M.M., M.Kn as the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Mella Ismelina F. Rahayu, S.H., M.Hum. as the Head of the Law Doctoral Program Study Program, Mia Hadiati, S.H., M.H., as the Head of the Notary Masters Study Program, Ade Adhari, S.H., M.H as the Learning Manager and Dilly Novandi, S.H as the Head of Administration.
In a comparative study conducted by Tarumanagara University, it was well connected. The event began with a presentation from the Doctor of Law and Masters of Notary Program at Diponegoro University which contained profiles and learning methods. then followed by hearings regarding the accreditation of study programs and the examination stages at Diponegoro University