Diponegoro University’s Law Doctoral Program – organizes briefings in preparation for the Student Dissertation stage. The Doctor of Law Program conducts a briefing that contains the characteristics of a dissertation starting from the novelty of the title, the breadth of research focus, and the philosophy contained in the dissertation. This activity was carried out on April 11, 2023. The focus of this activity was held to help students by providing directions and tips on taking qualification exams to be successful.

Briefing on research titles is a form of student evaluation regarding the knowledge gained during face-to-face lectures consisting of legal theory, philosophy, and research methodology. The Title Briefing is intended to support the dissertation starting from the Research Proposal Seminar, Research, Research Results Seminar, and dissertation Feasibility Examination and the core focus of this title briefing is to enable students to graduate on time and be able to complete courses through dissertation examinations.