Diponegoro University Guides Website Standardization

Semarang, November 23, 2023

Diponegoro University (Undip) remains committed to enhancing the quality of its services and visibility in the digital era. One of the steps taken is providing guidance on website standardization within the campus environment.

In an effort to align and improve the quality of unit websites across faculties and departments, Undip has launched a website standardization assistance program. The program aims to ensure that every unit in the university has a responsive, informative website in line with good website governance standards.

This program involves an IT and web design expert team that will provide guidance to each unit in adapting and improving the appearance and functionality of their websites. The support team will provide guidance on responsive design, good information structure, and the implementation of best practices in content management.

Each unit is expected to take advantage of this opportunity to update and refine their websites to be more effective in conveying information to various stakeholders. The program is also in line with Undip’s commitment to stay at the forefront of adopting information technology to improve the quality of education and services.

Through these initiatives, Diponegoro University hopes to achieve a high standard of online representation, strengthen its identity, and provide a better user experience for all parties involved.